Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Man Sings: San Diego Comic-Con 2012 (Day Four)



Why does nothing happen on Day Four of Comic-Con? I mean, we’ve got people waiting in line at Hall H for days, and studios don’t even bother to take advantage of the extra day for their panels? I was planning on following both the DC Nation Screening and Q&A and perhaps the Epic Mickey 2 panel, but no one bothered to cover them! There must be some unwritten rule that the last day of Comic-Con is just a mass exodus back to our parent’s basements.

In years past, I’ve spent my final day of Comic-Con searching for videos of all the panels on Youtube, but since every single one I was looking for has already been uploaded and viewed in full (big thanks to all those who recorded and posted them all in such an unbelievably timely fashion!), all that’s left for me to do is to check in with the man himself, Kevin Smith. The Clerks director has done some highly entertaining speaking engagements over the years, and every year he heads to Comic-Con to deliver yet another, so it’s definitely become a yearly tradition of mine. While all the parts aren’t uploaded yet, you can start watching his spiel here:


And with that, the curtain descends on yet another San Diego Comic-Con. I feel I’m really starting to get the hang of blogging these events, and I think without the burden of having to summarize everything, my Comic-Con coverage went down a lot smoother than my E3 coverage last month.

As always, I’m thoroughly pleased with the festivities this year; plenty of cool announcements and new stuff to look forward to. And I have to admit, even though I’m certain The Hobbit will outperform both Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel, I found myself more excited for the latter two films than the former. I suppose it’s because with The Hobbit, we’ve already gotten a trailer and kind of know what to expect, whereas the other two films just screened never-before-seen footage, and even though I didn’t get to see some of it, it makes for a more exciting panel having to analyze and dissect every little detail people report about the footage.

And as much as I ragged on the decision to produce a Guardians of the Galaxy film…I’m definitely looking up some required reading for the team tonight to get acquainted. Still pondering why it got the greenlight over several other Marvel properties, though. I wonder…is it possible the film was given a 2014 spot just because it’s another team-based superhero movie, and Disney/Marvel have made the mistake of thinking multiple superheroes will perform better than the ones going solo? God, I hope not.

Regardless, thank you all so much for following, and I very much hope to be here next year doing it all over again. Cheers!



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