UPDATE: The Changing Face of Heraldic Criticism


Hello, all. You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts here these past several months, especially after last summer’s semi-successful string of around one post per week. Truth is, I’ve been even more frightfully busy lately with classes, work, my social life, and writing for other sources. Even this summer, when I usually have my shit together and start churning out weekly material, is looking increasingly fraught with responsibility; I have an internship coming up that I’m going to be putting my all into. That said, I will absolutely keep posting as often as I can, with a continued bare minimum of one post per month. And even then, I have several posts waiting in the wings, ready to be finalized and posted to occupy you while I go to work fulfilling my dreams.

There’s more, too. Remember those updated pages I said I’d have up nearly a year ago? Well, they’re still being perfected, but they’ll finally be arriving within the next couple weeks. In addition, I’ll be debuting the site’s brand new layout, featuring a better, more engaging presentation which I hope will attract even more readers to the blog.

So, what can you expect from the blog this summer? I still have plans to do another series of daily posts for both E3 and San Diego Comic-Con this June and July, respectively. And those posts I’ve been working on? Most of them are script reviews, films that never were that I’ve been dying to get a hold of and review for a long, long while now. I want these reviews to be what I call “legacy” posts, or posts that bring in traffic over long periods of time. So people casually searching Google for say, the Lobo movie, will come up on my post and find the definitive look at the titular anti-hero’s silver screen dalliances. With this will come an overhaul for how I will review scripts as well. I wasn’t satisfied with my reviews of Doctor Strange or Nottingham, so I will be adopting a more colorful, beat-for-beat commentary style from now on, delving into the nitty-gritty of each script and explaining exactly why and how it works or doesn’t. I’m hoping my writing will be able to do these scripts justice. Or knock them down a peg…

Finally, with the summer will come further consideration into my branching out into other mediums, including podcasts/radio and video. I will be sure to post any and all of these appearances here as they arise. I may also link to some of the work I’ll be doing for my internship, so stay tuned for even more content from me. I’m positively aching to get back to full-time writing over the next four months, and I very much hope you and many more readers will join me along the way. Thanks again for following!


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