Final Thoughts: San Diego Comic-Con 2013 (Day Four)

cc4Last year I saved this final post to link to Kevin Smith’s yearly Hall H chat, but since the video isn’t up yet, I suppose I’ll sum up my thoughts on this year’s convention.

Things started out rather promising with the excellent Ender’s Game and Godzilla off-site booths, which looked straight out of a Disney World attraction. Creating those experiences, giving people the opportunity to feel like a kid again, is what Comic-Con is all about.

Unfortunately, I had far more trouble this year tolerating the mindless masses of awkward, lifeless man-children at the convention, even behind the comfort of my computer screen. There’s something to be said when the smell and noise level of Hall H is so disgusting people can’t stop mentioning it. And on top of the toolish kids all over Marvel’s liveblog, we have this group of people who literally lost their shit at the slightest mention of a World’s Finest movie. I mean, I’m a fan, but I don’t center my entire life around announcements like that.

Still, Saturday really redeemed everything for me, when Warner, Fox, and Marvel finally brought out the big guns and showed glimpses of yet-to-be-leaked footage for the crowd. I can’t be the only one who wishes these panels were more spread out between Thursday and Sunday, because cramming it all into one day doesn’t do anyone any favors, not the least of which the people waiting in line to get into the Hall.

Skimming through my coverage again, it seems I was a bit harsh on Guardians of The Galaxy without having actually seen the footage. I should note that I’m not rooting against the film, and in fact, I hope it proves me wrong, so that other minor Marvel characters can be allowed to blossom on the big screen. Really, if Guardians does poorly at the box office, Marvel’s going to be thinking twice before they greenlight that Doctor Strange movie we’ve all been wanting for years. Best to just appreciate these movies while we have them, at the height of their popularity.

Hope you all enjoyed this year’s coverage. Now, time to get back to scouring the internet for that X-Men footage.


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