Beginnings and Endings: An Update from the Author

mfHello, all.

It’s been a hugely emotional roller coaster ride these past several months, consisting of a writing burnout, my computer’s hard drive dumping all my documents, graduating college, among other big changes. I even just got back from a much-needed week-long vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, wherein I visited a wide array of Southern attractions (including the wax museum pictured left). Needless to say, in all the commotion the blog has had to take a bit of a backseat.

I have always and continue to maintain Heraldic Criticism as a quality-over-quantity blog. You won’t ever see me flooding this space with trivial thoughts (mostly saved for my Twitter), or phoned-in posts simply for their own sakes. Here, I take time to think before I post, and if I don’t have the time, I don’t feel I have any business posting. In the mass sea of mindless, illiterate blogs out there, I can only hope that inspires you to keep following mine despite the irregular posting schedule.

So what have I been up to? Well for one, my career has been veering into multimedia production, primarily radio. If all goes according to plan, that is where the majority of my attention will be falling over the next several months. With that, I’m pleased to introduce one of the new directions I hope to be taking my commentary, among them a podcast-style show I’ve pitched to Channel Awesome and, entitled, Cinema After Dark…In VistaVision!

Feel free to share your thoughts on Cinema After Dark here or on YouTube, and thank you for your support in this new endeavor!

That said, I have every intention of continuing to post my written work here, reviewing movies and providing commentary when I can. I’m currently writing reviews of Godzilla and X-Men: Days of Future Past, both of which should be up within the next week. I’m 100% committed to my yearly E3 and Comic-Con coverage this summer as well, though depending on how my radio prospects pan out, the commentary for those events may take on a bit different a form than in years past. But most exciting of all since I last posted are the prospects heading our way in the movies and on TV. Who could’ve predicted we’d have three different TV shows on three different networks based on DC Comics debuting in one season?

With my life’s frontier continuing to change, I’ve been thinking back to Hero’s Journey movies especially; often times it’s the simplest films that can mean the most to us. To paraphrase Robert Redford’s character from Captain America: the Winter Soldier (a film which, though I didn’t post a full review, I quite liked), “sometimes you have to destroy the old world in order to build a better one.” Sometimes, we can’t move on with our lives if we don’t allow the natural death and rebirth that comes with life to run its course. Sometimes our past becomes such a burden, such an insurmountable obstacle, that we can’t keep living until we distance ourselves from it and move on.

That’s where I seem to be at now, and though I’m leaving some big parts of my old life behind, there will be plenty to keep me busy in the coming months. I hope you’ll continue to join me on this great new adventure I’m on, and I can’t thank you all enough for your continued support for my work.

Until the next review!



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