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“Heraldic Criticism.” Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Back in 2011, I’d struggled for weeks brainstorming names for my new blog that would tie together everything I wanted to write about with everything that describes me as a writer. I needed something to do with Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey, a pattern existent throughout my favorite forms of classic and contemporary entertainment. The pulp heroes of Star Wars and Superman became my idols, people embodying hope and idealism that I could both relate to and aspire to be.

My title also needed something to do with journalism and film criticism, to let people know I wasn’t just another whiny fanboy blogger, but an authority in media rhetoric whom they could find scholarly information and opinion. By the end of this painstaking deliberation, I settled on two words, “Critic” and “Herald”, before landing on “Heraldic Criticism.” Over and over I repeated it, unable to escape everything it encompassed. For better or worse, it stuck.

Since then, I’ve grown as both a person and a writer, expanding my output to more than just blog posts, but an online talk show, videos, voice work, and a range of other content I’d have never thought possible of me in 2011. Now bearing my name ahead of it, Heraldic Critcism stands as just one pillar of my work, one water-dance in a larger pool of content at

I don’t think I’ll ever change Heraldic Critcism’s name, however, for to do so would be to change its reason for existing – it’s my opinion outlet, dedicated to reviewing, ranking, analyzing, or otherwise commenting on film, comics, TV shows, video games, or other of my life’s events I’m looking to write about. Most of it relates back to that core ideology in Joseph Campbell’s classic archetypal pattern. Heroes like Superman are considered as such for their undying integrity, and even in a far less significant position reviewing movies, I hold myself to the same standards. I do not lie or censor myself for anyone else’s benefit; your time and money is precious, and if you’re entrusting it to me, it’s my responsibility to convey what you’re in for before you buy into any particular piece of art.

So please, have a look around. It’s been several years, lots of entries, and I’m infinitely proud of my work here thus far. I don’t post as much as the average blogger, but when I do, I hope you’ll be there to read it. As it was all those years ago, I want to be your voice for the latest entertainment and movie commentary.

And if not, maybe just that guy with the funny blog name.



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