Rating Scale

10 – As good as it can get, masterpiece

9 – Exemplary, outstanding, superb

8 – Some obvious, minor flaws but still excellent, great

7 – Flawed, but worthy of recognition, good, decent

6 – Okay, fair

5 – Mediocre OR middle-of-the-road, largely indifferent to

4 – Poor, potential largely unrealized

3 – Bad

2 – Awful, terrible, barely watchable

1 – The worst, little to no redeeming qualities

0 – Abysmal, unwatchable

I also do .5 markings in between numbers, because I’m an anal son of a bitch.

The best films, I think, are those that seamlessly marry art and entertainment. Obviously there are exceptions; if a film does one of those two things enough so that it supersedes the need for the other, I’m usually satisfied. But in most cases, the films I enjoy the most are films that were clearly designed thoughtfully, and inspire thought, and entertain. Some of my most satisfying experiences at the movies can be traced back to that philosophy – Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Dark Knight, etc.

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